Little bit of Fun!

So which did you vote for and why? Leave a comment with your pick.


7 Responses to Little bit of Fun!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes, yes I voted for Historical, even though I write and love time travel. I love historical fiction. I have a hard time finding good time travel…but honestly. I love all three – if the book’s good, then it doesn’t matter which one I’m reading.

  2. Audry says:

    I didn’t vote. Cause I don’t have a favorite based on genre (or sub-genre) my favorite is a good story that’s well written, regardless of what category it falls into. 😀

  3. Jennifer says:

    Well that is what’s most important 😀

    But I do tend to lean toward one more than another – I mean if given three books one in each category – after reading the description chances are 75% of the time I’ll lean toward historical more often 😀

  4. Kaye Dacus says:

    For me, as long as it has a strong romantic thread, I’ll read just about anything.

  5. Tricia says:

    Historical fantasy, because I love the magic!

  6. Kate says:

    Historical Fantasy!
    The fantasy is a must! ^_^

  7. Elizabeth Varadan says:

    Historical fiction first, because it’s such a pleasureable way to learn history, and I like fiction in general. Time travel is a close second, though, because I like the magic involved, and I’m always amazed at the magical “devices” and author can think up to get the characters from the present to the past.

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