Contest: Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

This month’s contest is for a copy of Craig Venezia’s audio book Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure.  I’ve talked a lot about audio books this week and we’ll talk a bit more about them tomorrow with Craig, so you guessed it this month’s contest has something to do with audios!

To enter into this month’s drawing, reply to this post listing three of your favorite audio books and why.  If you’ve never read (listened) to any audios then I want you to choose three of your favorite books you’d like to see in audio and how you’d like them read (referring back to the AUDIO post from last week: individual reader, individual reader with effects, full cast audio)!


One Response to Contest: Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

  1. Audry says:

    3 of my favorites:

    The New Policeman (I loved the accents in this book- I wouldn’t have known how to pronounce half the irish names 😀 and the fiddle music between chapters really set the tone for a story that music played an important part in.)

    Fairest (Loved the full cast, and also the fact that the songs were actually set to music, since they were so important to the story and I also tend to skim or skip over song lyrics or poems in the text of a story)

    Rules (this one is a very straightforward audio, but I think the reader did a fantastic job)

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