Common Cooking

America Frugal Housewife


A plain, unexpensive apple pudding may be made by rolling out a bit of common pie-crust, and filling it full of quartered apples; tied up in a bag, and boiled an hour and a half; if the apples are sweet, it will take two hours; for acid things cook easily. Some people like little dumplings, made by rolling up one apple, pared and cored, in a piece of crust, and tying them up in spots all over the bag. These do not need to be boiled more than an hour: three quarters is enough, if the apples are tender.

Take sweet, or pleasant flavored apples, pare them, and bore out the core, without cutting the apple in two Pill up the holes with washed rice, boil them in a bag, tied very tight, an hour, or hour and a half. Each apple should be tied up separately, in different corners of the pudding bag.

…presented to you from The American Frugal Housewife – Dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy, by Mrs. Child…


3 Responses to Common Cooking

  1. Emilie says:

    That looks yummy…

  2. Jennifer says:

    😀 Yeah I thought so too. I’ve got another apple recipe coming up! You know Fall in New England…apple orchards all around me – I had to do a few apple posts 😀

  3. Emilie says:

    We have lots of apples in the Seattle area as well, including a tree in our front yard:) My grandpa made the world’s greatest apple pies, so I haven’t attempted my own because he sort of made them up as he went along, but I did make a few batches of applesauce and it was quite delicious. I’ll have to save your apple recipes for next year when we get apples again!

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