Contest: Hidden Voices

One aspect I really liked about Hidden Voices was its time period.  Very little has been written about 1700s Venice and it was very enjoyable to read about that time.  I also loved the history I learned about Vivaldi–it made me pull out my classical cds and listen to music as I read.   So this month to win a copy (not signed) of Hidden Voices by Pat Lowery Collins tell me about a composer you’re fond of and what your favorite piece is by that composer.  Or to be entered in the contest you can also leave a thoughtful comment in response to my interview with Pat.


One Response to Contest: Hidden Voices

  1. Audry says:

    One of my favorite composers actually is Vivaldi, or at least one of my favorite pieces is by Vivaldi… when I started playing the violin in 3rd grade, my dad bought me a cassette tape of his Four Seasons performed by the Israel Philharmonic with Itzhak Perlman as conductor and soloist. Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is very popular and I’ve heard many different versions over the years, but I’ve never heard a better recording that that one. I have it on CD now 😀

    I also really like Beethoven, particularly the very popular 2nd movement of his 9th symphony, and his 8th piano sonata “Pathetique”

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