Pictures from the Past: Tricia

1969—Facts About Me

º This is my school photo from Nye Elementary in Laredo, Texas.

º I was eleven years old and in the sixth grade.

º At summer camp, we heard the announcement about Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon!

º Lesson I should have learned: Never wear white alone. I’m too pale as it is.


º January 20 — Richard Nixon becomes the 37th president of the US.

º March 17 — Golda Meir becomes the first female prime minister of Israel.

º July 20 — Apollo program: The lunar module Eagle lands on the lunar surface. The world watches as Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps on the Moon.

º August 1 — Category 5 Hurricane Camille hits the Mississippi coast, killing 248 people and causing $1.5 billion in damage (1969 dollars).

º October 15 — Vietnam War: Hundreds of thousands of people take part in antiwar demonstrations across the United States.

º December 2 — The Boeing 747 jumbo jet makes its debut.

º Cost of a first-class stamp:  $0.06


º The Brady Bunch, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Sesame Street premiere on TV.

º The FCC bans all cigarette advertising on television and radio.

º March 10 — The novel The Godfather by Mario Puzo is published.

º August 15–18 — The Woodstock Festival is held in upstate New York, featuring some of the top rock musicians of the era.


2 Responses to Pictures from the Past: Tricia

  1. Danielle Hinesly says:

    Y’all were sure pretty children.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Do you know Sesame Street was the only show that would keep me sitting still for more than 5 minutes as a 3 year old and my mother (going against her my children will not watch tv rule) would sit me down in front of it just to get a few moments to herself when I was little 😀

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