Pictures from the Past: Emilie

1996–Facts About Me

  • I am thirteen years old and in seventh grade in this picture.  It is Christmas and I’m at my Aunt Kathy’s house.
  • About a year earlier, I’d fallen madly in love with, IMHO, the best TV sitcom ever made: I Love Lucy.  For Christmas, someone got me the first of several Lucy video tapes I would own.  This one featured the infamous candy factory episode and “The Fashion Show,” where Lucy models in Hollywood while suffering a severe sunburn.
  • Around this same time, I gave up on modern TV for many years, contenting myself with Nick at Nite re-runs of Lucy, Happy Days, Bewitched, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and others.  They all made me laugh, but while watching Lucy, my mom said I had a special hysterical laugh she called my “Lucy Cackle.”
  • I have seen all 179 regular episodes of I Love Lucy multiple times, along with all the later Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episodes.  My favorites include “The Ballet,” “Lucy is Enciente (Pregnant),” “The Golf Game,” “Lucy Does a TV Commercial (Vitameatavegimin),” and an oscure one where Lucy locks herself in a steamer trunk because she can’t get a passport to go to Europe with Ricky.
  • This video also sparked a long collection of memorabilia in various forms, including t-shirts, books, key chains, fridge magnets, Christmas tree ornaments, a cloth patch I sewed on my high school backpack, and a lightswitch plate (which my husband refuses to put up).  I don’t have all of these right now, just enough to be a little embarrassing.

1996–World Events

  • OJ Simpson murder trial begins–need I say how it ends?
  • Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.  It is the 100th anniversary of the modern games.
  • Dolly, the first cloned sheep, is created.
  • Madeline Albright is chosen as the first female Secretary of State.
  • TWA flight 800 crashes, killing all aboard.

One Response to Pictures from the Past: Emilie

  1. Tricia says:

    Vitametavegimen is one of my all time favorites. 😀

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