Quiz Time!

So how much did you learn this past year?

We thought it’d be fun to test your knowledge! We’ve each come up with a couple of questions. The answers can be found in our past blog posts. (Hint: The archive links to all the old posts!) So can you answer these questions? And to make it worth your time, we’re going to give the winner a signed copy of Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson.

So put your thinking cap on and answer away!

1. Jennifer interviewed this author about her historical novel that takes place in Venice during the 1700s.

2. In the article on Clothing in the 1800s wool was one of the most common fibers used for clothes. Before wool could be used it had to be carded. What is carding?

3. Who is the author of The Humming of Numbers, which Tricia reviewed?

4. What is the setting of The Lacemaker and the Princess?

5. Who did Emilie meet while touring the USS Alabama in Mobile?

6.  Name the ship that was sunk while carrying native-born Germans from Britain to Australia in 1940.


2 Responses to Quiz Time!

  1. Audry says:

    1. Pat Lowery Collins
    2. Drawing them between two wire brushes to align the fibers
    3. Joni Sensel
    4. Pre-revolution France
    5. Col. Glenn Frazier
    6. Arandora Star

  2. danielle hinesly says:

    ha! End of the year grading makes my brain mush… but yea, y’all for having such an informative website. I look forward to another year!

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