True Confession

Damsels in Regress was set up to be a place where three authors could share their love of books and history with the internet at large.  It was NOT set up to be a personal blog, full of angst and randomness and half-formed thoughts posted throughout the day.  But that all being said, this Damsel has a true confession to make:

I am tired of writing historical fiction and can’t wait to move on to something else.

See, even Lucy's amazed!

Wow, did I just admit that on my historical fiction blog?  Well, too late now, folks–it’s out there.  I must confess after the past five years of living through World War II in the head of a British teenager, I am exhausted.  Wiped out.  Kaput.  My next project, once my last book in this trilogy is at last complete and coherent, will be something utterly different.  It may not even be a novel, but when I get to writing another novel, I have vowed it will not be set in the past.  It will feature today’s kids and teens in all their 2010 glory.

This is not a change of heart on my part.  I love history.  I have loved historical fiction since I discovered the American Girl books in grade school.  I even love the research, that great process of discovery where you pick up the most random bits of information along with the things you’re going after in the first place.  And I love being back in time, erasing the last seventy years and pretending the world is still at war saving bacon grease and listening to new Glenn Miller records.  But just like book characters who time-travel and find it has taken a toll on their bodies, my mental time travel has taken its toll, too.  So much as I would love to set a story during the Irish War for Independence or colonial Boston or the Jazz Age, I have to live in the present for a little bit until I’m ready to commit to learning all I can about that time and place.  I have to close the door to the past when my last chapters have been written.

Okay?  You hear me?  My next cast of characters will have cell phones and debate the policies of President Obama, not FDR.  I mean it!


I am going to Europe in September, my first vacation with just my husband since our honeymoon almost four years ago (that’s what you get for moving across the country from your family).  We’ll visit the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France–Paris, Normandy, and Brittany.  We’ll see famous landmarks, gorgeous churches, great works of art, convoluted train stations, and lots and LOTS of history.  The last time I went to Europe, well, some of that history got to me, and I started a book.  Five years later, I’m screaming for mercy on my blog, saying I can’t live in the past anymore.

September will be interesting…


5 Responses to True Confession

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s okay to take a break 🙂 We all need breaks now and then. Look at me I have a YA Sci-Fi planned as my next book…though when that will happen is a good questions as Abby is a 7 book series and I have my Historical Novel I really want to write (that I practically have all the research done on) but still intimidates me. I’m sure you’ll come back from Europe with new ideas 😀 Just like I did!

  2. Kirby Larson says:


    After a trilogy, anyone would need a break! Enjoy Europe with your sweetie and come back ready to write. . .whatever strikes your fancy!

  3. Kaye Dacus says:

    Sweetie, why do you think I write BOTH contemporary and historical?

    And even though I’m barely a quarter of the way through writing the third book in my current historical trilogy, I was just thinking not five minutes ago that I cannot WAIT to be finished with the Regency/Napoleonic era and stuff set aboard ships! I’m ready to move on to another era (early Victorian) and start learning new stuff. After I write two more contemporaries, that is.

  4. Emilie says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, Jennifer, Kaye, and Kirby:) There was a good bit of sarcasm and hyperbole in this post, but needing a break is true. We shall see where that break takes me…

    And I hope your next projects, be they contemporary or historical, will be fulfilling for you as well:)

  5. QNPoohBear says:

    I can’t get enough of the 19th century but sometimes I get tired of reading about a particular decade or time period and then move on. I’m sorry you’re sick of WWII and I’m sure you could use a vacation!

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