Book Review: Ransome’s Crossing

Ransome’s Crossing
Kaye Dacus
Historical Romance
Teenagers and up
352 pages

A tale of faith, love and adventure!

Charlotte Ransome, William’s younger sister, is desperate to get to Jamaica to marry her secret fiancé—a man her family does not approve of.  She disguises herself as a midshipman and gains a position on a ship in her brother’s convoy.  Problems ensue though when Charlotte butts heads with another midshipman and her secret is threaten to be revealed.  When Ned Cochran must, unwillingly, take over command of the ship he discovers Charlotte’s secret.  Keeping the secret from William, Ned and Charlotte’s feelings toward each other grow, making Charlotte begin to question her feelings for a fiancé she hasn’t seen in a couple years.

I fell in love with Charlotte.  She’s strong, daring, caring, smart, and a little devious and she captured my heart from the start.  Julia, William and Ned are wonderful characters!  Don’t get me wrong, but Charlotte stole the show for me.  What’s also wonderful about Charlotte is how she grows from a young girl into a young lady.  Charlotte will capture your heart just like she did mine.

The romance that blossomed between Charlotte and Ned was sweet and believable and, yes I admit it, had me sighing contently from time to time.  William and Julia’s story continues as well as the two adjust to marriage and a life together.  Kaye does a wonderful job of weaving the two storylines together.

Historically speaking these books are pretty amazing.  In Ransome’s Honor, Kaye captured early 1800s England in such a vivid and beautiful way.  In Ransome’s Crossing, life on military ship came alive.  The attention to detail was astounding.  And at the same time I never felt like the reader was getting hit over the head with endless amounts of research added, just to be added.  Every detail worked seamlessly into the story, never slowing down the pace.

Without giving anything away, I will say the ending was perfect.  Trust me when I say you need to read this book just to get to the end!  Ransome’s Crossing is an engaging story about faith, love, and family with a good dose of adventure thrown in.  I whole-heartedly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed.


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