Contest: Primavera

I mentioned in my review that Botticelli’s Primavera is one of my favorite paintings.  Not that I’m an art buff by any means, but certain art works just make an impression.  For an entry to win Mary Jane Beaufrand’s Primavera, leave a comment here about your favorite work of art.  It can be a Renaissance masterpiece or your favorite comic strip–no judgement here, I promise:)  Winner will be announced August 20!


5 Responses to Contest: Primavera

  1. Mara Berkley says:

    What a surprise to meet another Botticelli! Since junior high, my favorite painting has been The Birth of Venus. I grew up in Manhattan. Our apartment was over a deli, in a small brownstone, stunted by the fancy high rise buildings that increased in size and number every year. Nonetheless, the true riches were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just across the street from my elementary school. I lived there after school. Window seats lined the gallery with the harpsichords. There I would sit and read, write letters, or muse. My favorite paintings were my friends and I visit them still. Crossing over into puberty, The Birth of Venus captured my imagination. The sea, the , the colors, and Venus — blessed the god and goddess a gorgeous robe at the ready. Unlike the Mona Lisa that draws your eye into the portrait, Botticelli captures my gaze with the breeze and it never stops moving.

  2. Kate Martin says:

    My favorite is the Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton. Not really sure why, I love a lot of paintings. But I have a print of this one on my wall and have since college. It’s Gwen and Lancelot, and there’s just something about it. Maybe its the realism of the folds in the clothes, or just that air of forbidden romance. Either way, I saw it, loved it, had to have it. ^_^

  3. Pick ONE favorite? How do people DO that? I’m crazy about art. The French Impressionists, and the California Impressionists, but also Edward Hopper and Diego Rivera.

    Okay, I’ll go with a live painter: A master of pastel landscape: Reif Erickson

  4. Kate Narita says:

    Okay, I just took the trip of a lifetime to Italy. We went to Florence to the Uffitzi Museum and saw three of Boticelli’s masterpieces in one room: Primavera, the Birth of Venus, and the Crowning of the Madonna. I knew about the first two, but not the third and that is the piece of art that transported me to another world. There are angels supporting a cloud on which the Madonna sits. I got lost in the folds of their robes. Botticelli’s shading is so exquisite, I could imagine burying my face in that soft velvet. What a celebration and an experience. Thank you, Botticelli.

  5. Emilie says:

    Mara and Kate, nice to meet you! I love everyone’s descriptions of their favorite works. Please keep them coming!

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