Winner of Primavera

Congratulations, Mara!  You won our drawing for a signed copy of Mary Jane Beaufrand’s Primavera!  Please send your snail mail address to damselsinregress [at] gmail [dot] com so I can mail you your prize!


One Response to Winner of Primavera

  1. Mara Berkley says:

    I have been remiss in not sending a note about PRIMAVERA. I also apologize to Mary Jane Beauford. (I am also embarrassed by my sloppy comment. I was very excited and wanted to respond on the spot or I might put it off.)

    While I am writing a series of middle grade novels (this is new for me as I wrote Adult fiction in the past. It could be considered “historical” because it is written in the vein of WIND IN THE WILLOWS — but with a more modern voice and concerns.) I have not been able to READ. This was never true before. (bad grammar? now I am self conscious because I linked into your grammar site.)

    When I received PRIMAVERA, I was determined to read the entire book without pause. Of course, life would force me to pause, but I would read as much as I could until finished. It was important that I give back. It was comfortable reading. I enjoy historical ficiton. I enjoy a good romance. I like to read sci fi fantasy (beginning with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey), and I enjoyed learning about the Italian Renaissance. I was, of course, well schooled in the English and the writers and artists of that time, but was unaware of the particulars.

    I did read Maguire’s book, , set at the time of the Medici. This was a great background for poison apples :).

    Back to the book. I read slowly at first, but then the book picked up and I could not put it down until I finished it. I read most of it over a weekend. I found the heroine to be fetching and unusual. Her ability to complain and suffer without seeming pathetic. This has been a problem with my novel, which is the reason I am working on children’s book.

    I am sending this unfinished because of family interruptions 😦

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