Pictures from the Past: Tricia

1961 ­– Facts About Me

º This is a picture of me at my third birthday party.

º We were living in San Antonio, Texas.

º I don’t remember if I asked for the Casper, The Friendly Ghost, jack in the box.  I do remember that I was often called Casper while growing up because I was so pale.

1961 – World Events

º US Cuban Exiles and CIA mount unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Castro.  Became known as the Bay of Pigs.

º Fidel Castro declares Cuba is to adopt Communism and bans free elections.

º The Soviet Union detonates a 58-megaton yield hydrogen bomb known as Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya. It remains the largest ever man-made explosion.

º John F. Kennedy inaugurated as President of the United States.

º President Kennedy asks Congress for $531 million to put a man on the moon.

º US Freedom Riders begin interstate bus rides to test the new US Supreme Court integration decision.

º Construction of the Berlin Wall begins in Germany.

º Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space.

1961 – Popular Culture

º IBM introduces the Selectric typewriter Golfball.

º “Barbie” gets a boyfriend when the “Ken” doll is introduced.

º Cost of a gallon of gas is 27 cents.

º Pampers, the first disposable diaper, introduced

º Pulitzer prize awarded to Harper Lee for To Kill a Mockingbird.

º Popular films include 101 Dalmatians, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and West Side Story.


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