Contest: A Difficult Boy

As we learned Wednesday, M.P. Barker worked at Old Sturbridge Village, and that experience helped her write A Difficult Boy. Old Sturbridge Village is a living history museum that is home to 59 historic buildings on 200 acres of land. It is one of my favorite places as most of you know. I love the charm of the village.

Today’s contest is simple. Go to the OSV site and take a look at the village map. Explore the building pictures and descriptions and tell me which town building most fascinates you and why. If you’ve already visited the village tell me about your favorite part of your visit.

Village Center


Mill Neighborhood


One Response to Contest: A Difficult Boy

  1. Danielle Hinesly says:

    What a fun place! I want to go there and live, especially in the Towne Home. I’ve always wanted to open a bed and breakfast. This building has the rooms and the history. My guests would be thrilled. And what a fabulous location. It’s on the water! Lately I’ve been dreaming of living on a beach. (That’s what 21 years in the desert will do to ya.) To wake up every morning and open up my curtains and see the morning light shimmering across the water, ahhhhhh…this house would be a great choice.

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