Contest: The Year We Were Famous

Walking across the country is pretty bold and crazy thing to do!  If given the choice, how many of you would do what Clara and her Mom did?  Clara’s mom packed a curling iron (because it’s important to look your best even when walking though a blizzard or surviving a flash flood!!)  I want to know what one item you’d bring with you that wasn’t related to your survival.


4 Responses to Contest: The Year We Were Famous

  1. I want to say something lofty and literary, like I’d bring an e-reader, or a thumbdrive so I could keep writing my novel in chunks at every public library from here to my destination.

    But really, I’d bring tweezers. I’m Greek. We get hairy.

    Fun contest! I’m excited about Carole Dagg’s book.

  2. Audry says:

    Very practical Elaine. I think I’d bring my cell phone 😀

  3. (had to start over because the cat walked across my keyes)
    Like Clara, I think I’d bring a journal and pencils. Then I could take notes for a book which would make the NYT best-seller list! I wish Clara and Helga’s notes had not been burned – how I would have loved to have read their own thoughts and not have to make them up.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think I’d bring a voice recorder (along with my pad and paper…is that cheating?) Sometimes I just have to record things that happen AS they’re happening! So I don’t forget details!

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