March Video Madness

It’s March, and there does seem to be a lot of madness going on right now. Some of it even in college basketball. So I thought it’d be fun to look back about a hundred years or so for a glimpse of a simpler time. Not much madness in these videos. Or is there? (Some of them have musical accompaniment. If it bothers you, do what I do—hit that mute button.)

The following came from a “60 Minutes” interview. Here is San Francisco’s Market Street.

Here is the longer version, if you’re up for it.  You think it’s hard to cross the street now?

I love the ladder that everyone disregards!

Check out the mustaches in this video. Every time I see this I keep waiting for the guy with the hose to turn it on the camera.

And finally, because women can do just about anything. Even in long skirts!


2 Responses to March Video Madness

  1. These are wonderful! I’ve bookmarked this post, because it’s a great visual for my current WIP

  2. Tricia says:

    I’m glad it helped! 😀

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