Contest: Daughter of Xanadu

To enter to win a signed ARC of Daughter of Xanadu, leave a comment here telling of an experience you’ve had meeting someone of another culture, religion, worldview, etc.  What did you learn about the other person and where they come from?  What did you learn about yourself?

Drawing will take place a week from today!  Good luck!


2 Responses to Contest: Daughter of Xanadu

  1. lisa cooper says:

    The first time I met my inlaws was while vacationing in their native country, Croatia, with my fiance/their son. At the time, I was a practicing vegetarian, working at a health food store. We arrived at their home after 20 hrs of traveling by plane, bus, and ferry feeling exhausted, in need of a bath, and most of all hungry. Mama Scrivanich had dinner prepared, hot and ready for us when we arrived. To my horror, her husband was barbequing a goat on a spit over a roasting fire in the backyard. In Croatian culture, it is considered an insult if you refuse food offered. Being very much in love with my fiance and wanting desperately to fit in with his family, I took a deep breath and decided to grin and bare it. The platter of goat came my way and I chose the most charred piece I could find and placed it on the plate in front of me. Danny quickly snatched the piece of meat I had chosen, put it back on the serving platter, and chose another one for me. It turned out, I had chosen the head. Not only would eating goat’s head have sent me screaming for the hills, but to take the head of the goat was considered greedy, power-hungry, and usually reserved for the father of the family. My first encounter with my inlaws over goat’s head was indicative of future experiences to come.

  2. Tricia Tighe says:

    lol 😀

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