Pictures from the Past: Jennifer

The Year is 1990!

The Hofmann Family - December 24th 1990

  • This picture was taken just after (or possibly before) mass on December 24th 1990. (Though the year is being debated.  The photo was printed on Jan. 1992.  My mom and I swear though that this picture was from Christmas 1990 and not Christmas 1991.  And since film didn’t exactly get developed in a timely manner in my family…it is entirely possible that it was a year later before we developed the film.)
  • I was in 6th grade when this picture was taken and we were living in Wurzburg, Germany. (Even if this was 1991 I’d still be living in Germany :))
  • My mom made the dress for Becca (my sister) and the jumper for me, which was the latest craze back then.
  • My mom made a matching scrunchy for me. (My hair was super long then!)
  • My brother (isn’t that the most adorable smile?) is wearing a clip on tie.
  • That couch is still in the family.  My brother and his wife now have it.  It is still in great shape and the most comfortable couch you’ll ever sit on. I think it’s going on well over 20 years old…
  • I had braces.  It was the start of 7 years of braces for me!

It happened this year: 1990


  • Operation Desert Shield Begins as the United States and UK send troops to Kuwait.
  • The most complete skeleton of a T-Rex is found in South Dakota.
  • The US Enters a major recession.
  • Nelson Mandella is released from prison in South Africa after 28 years.
  • East and West Germany reunite including currency and economies.


  • Microsoft Releases Windows 3.0.
  • Depletion of the Ozone Layer is discovered above the North Pole.
  • 18 years after its launch the US Space Probe Pioneer reaches a distance of 46.5 billion miles beyond all planetary orbits.


  • The Simpsons is seen for the first time on FOX TV
  • Popular films this year included: Home Alone, Ghost, Dances with Wolves, and Pretty Woman
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered this year and ran until 1996.
  • Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands.

Cost of Living:

  • Average Income per year: $28,960.00
  • Average Monthly Rent: $465.00
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas: $1.34
  • US Postage Stamp: 25 cents


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