Book Review: Faithful

Janet Fox
Ages 14+
336 pages

Sixteen year old Maggie Bennet is looking forward to her debut as part of Newport, Rhode Island’s high class society. Her dreams are put on hold though, when her father drags her halfway across the country to Yellowstone National Park in search of her mother who disappeared the previous year. When she learns her father plans to stay in Montana, Maggie is furious with her father for dragging her away from her family, friends, and the only life she’d ever known.

Maggie’s not a character that is always easy to like, but she’s real. Born and raised with the expectation that she was above most people her attitude at times can make the reader want to shake some sense into her. She’s got her flaws, but Maggie grows throughout the novel. She learns to look at the world from others’ points of view and realizes that she’s not better than anyone else. It’s not just about her attitude toward people, it’s also about Maggie discovering just who she is and who she wants to be.

While most historicals, this one included, are about the protagonist’s journey, the use of setting in this novel was wonderfully done to help aid the plot of the novel. Many times settings can bog a novel down and prevent the story from moving forward, but the author managed to work in a vast amount of information on 1904 Yellowstone by using it to create conflict. What I also loved about the setting was its uniqueness. While I enjoy reading novels set in the more popular historical settings, it was so refreshing to get lost in a new setting that was so well researched and so integral the story.

The pacing is great. I practically flew through the novel. I would read at night and not realize how much time had passed because I was so easily caught up in the story! Faithful is a wonderfully descriptive novel that is a heartwarming tale of one girl’s ability to learn to love, grow, and understand the true meaning of faithfulness.


3 Responses to Book Review: Faithful

  1. The Damsels says:

    I liked it. It was so different from all the other historicals I’ve read lately. I haven’t read the companion but it’s on my to read list…just too many books and not enough time to get to them all!

    Off to go read your review 😀


  2. Tricia says:

    I really like the cover!

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