Blast from the Past

The first week of October I was in NY visiting my family. Sunday morning as I was waiting around for everyone (and basically bored) I started going through drawers in the room I stay in at my grandfather’s house. I opened one of the desk drawers to find the old computer paper you had to load into the printer and then pull off the edges when you were done.

The last time I used that paper was in 8th grade for a project I had to do for my US History Class! Oh the memories that paper brought back! Do you remember using this paper? Any fun/awful memories it brought back for you?


7 Responses to Blast from the Past

  1. Audry says:

    My dad used to bring home that kind of paper from work when I was about 5. It was wide format though and striped in alternating 1/2″ bands of white and light green. We used to draw on it and thought it was the best thing ever.

  2. QNPoohBear says:

    Oh yes I do remember that paper! We used it to make banners and fooled around folding the perforated edges. My uncle actually had that type of paper in his office when my cousins were younger. I doubt they remember dot matix printers but I bet they remember the paper.

    • Emilie says:

      Oh, banners from the original version of Print Shop! That pretty much sums up my social life in fourth grade! We also used to tear the edges off, put two of the strips at right angles, and fold them over the top of each other until we had a spring-y contraption. Oh, the hours of entertainment the current generation will never know…

  3. Tricia says:

    I never enjoyed having to rip the edges off, because invariably little pieces would be stuck and I’d have to go back and . . . well, you get the picture.

    (that blank comment above was from me. I tried to delete it but was unsuccesful.)

  4. Hey, I remember those edges!! And how they’d get all “off the mark” in being lined up, and tangled if they didn’t fold nicely into a pile… but it does make GREAT long sheets for kids to do full-size “portraits” of themselves! Lay kid down, outline them, then let them draw their faces, clothes, etc. A BLAST!!

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