Winner of The Faerie Ring

The winner of Kiki Hamilton’s The Faerie Ring is Farida!  Congratulations!  Please send your snail-mail address to damselsinregress [at] gmail [dot] com so I can get it in the mail before I leave for vacation Friday!

Thank you to all who entered.  When Kiki said she would spread the word about our giveaway, I had no idea it would result in eleven contest entries!  Our last few contests have not had as many entries as we could have hoped for, especially entries from new readers to our blog.  We even considered getting rid of the giveaways altogether, or donating the books to charities that provided books to low-income children.  We may still do that in the future–who knows?–but I’m glad we kept this one.  I got so many great images of stories set in far-off locales from reading the entry comments.  Interesting settings, especially for historicals, can really make a story exciting, both for the author and their readers.

For those who didn’t win this time, we do these giveaways almost every month except for December, when we take a holiday break from blogging.  We have a pretty good mix of realistic historicals, historical fantasy, and contemporary stories that somehow celebrate history.  Please feel free to enter a contest another month, and you just may get lucky.  Thanks again!  You made this struggling author’s week!


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