Pictures from the Past: Jennifer

The Year is 1984!

My little brother and me!

I went with this picture this month because I have a special announcement to make!  This is probably one of my favorite pictures of my brother and me. And it plays into my announcement 🙂  My brother was a couple months old in this picture.  I was about 3 and 3/4 years old.  There was a 4 year age gap between my bother and I basically growing up.  He’s not so little now!  He out grew me in height (just barely).  And I think he’d be doing more of the protecting than I would, but for a long time I was the protector.  And I loved being a big sister (still do).  Now my little brother and sister-in-law have made me an aunt! Or a soon to be aunt!  In July 2012 we’ll be welcoming a new addition to the family and I’m so excited!  So congrats to Will and Danielle and here’s a post dedicated to you Will.  I love you!

  • My brother is about three months old here.
  • We were living in Hanua, Germany.  My brother was born in Frankfort, Germany.
  • I got the sled for Christmas and my mom said she always wished it had sides and back cause it was tricky pulling us on it without us falling off.
  • We owned that wood sled for years and years.  I remember using it when I was in fourth grade to sleigh down this huge hill in the back of our apartment complex in Kansas.
  • I’d just started preschool and loved it.
  • My brother had his days and nights messed up 😀 He’d sleep through the day and keep my mom up at night.

It happened this year: 1984

  • The Summer Olympic Games are held in Los Angeles.  The Winter Olympic Games are held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
  • USSR And soviet block boycotts the Olympic games in retaliation for Western Boycott in 1980
  • Aids Virus identified by French Immunologist.
  • The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.
  • The Space Shuttle Discovery has its maiden voyage.

Cost of Living:

  • Average Cost of new house $86,730
  • Median Price Of and Existing Home $72,400
  • Average Income per year $21,600.00
  • Average Monthly Rent $350.00
  • Movie Ticket $2.50
  • 1 gallon of gas $1.10

3 Responses to Pictures from the Past: Jennifer

  1. Tricia says:

    Cute photo! My second reaction was–“How could your parents put a baby on a sled!” But I settled down and realized that, of course, it’s a photo op. Whew! 😀

  2. Danielle says:

    Aw yaaaay! This post made me smile….And 1984 was a special year because that’s when I was born 🙂 haha. We’re so excited for this baby!

  3. Danielle says:


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