Contest: The Trouble with May Amelia

When I asked Jenni Holm if she could send us a copy of The Trouble with May Amelia to give away, she said she had just gotten the audio CDs and asked if we would like to host a contest to win those.  I said absolutely, so let the contest begin!  To win a chance to hear one of my favorite fictional voices, please leave a comment on the following topic:

When have you been the only girl in a group of boys, or the only boy in a group of girls?  What was good, bad, ugly, and/or hilarious about the situation?  Would you do it the same way if you could do it over, or would you recruit another member of your own gender for moral support?

The winner will be announced next Friday, March 30!


2 Responses to Contest: The Trouble with May Amelia

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is one of those times I wish I could enter our own contests ha! I love audios.

  2. When I was a teenager, my national church decided men and boys were not the only ones who could go behind the altar to serve the Lord. The church decided that women could become acolytes (the equivalent to altar boys), if they so choose. So, a year or so before I was old enough, one or two girls quietly came and went. Then I became of age–high school. I was thrilled and honored to carry a cross, help the priest with Holy Communion, and turn the pages of THE Prayer Book. I felt deeply moved to serve my God and my church.

    I was one of two girls on a large Pro-Cathedral team of acolytes.

    The next year the adult sponsor decided to have another high school senior and me share the office of “President of the Acolytes.” My co-president–an eighteen-year-old young man–took me aside and hissed in my ear, “I cannot believe he made me share this with you. I have been waiting my whole life to become President of the Acolytes, and he made me share it with a girl.”

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