Around the 1800s House: The Coffee Mill

Around the House Post: The Coffee Mill

I don’t drink coffee, but recently I got to roast some coffee beans in an old-fashioned coffee roaster and then grind them in a coffee mill. The roasting took quite a bit of time. I had to constantly spin the handle over some ashes pulled out from the fire. The ashes slowly toasted the beans.

Once the beans were ready they were transferred into a coffee mill where they were ground and then finally coffee could be made. This coffee mill is approximately six inches by six inches. On top is the grinder mechanism. The beans were placed in the top. The grinder hand cranked and the grounds would fall down into the little drawer at the bottom of the box.


2 Responses to Around the 1800s House: The Coffee Mill

  1. Hi what an interesting post about coffee making in the 1800s. I love that period of history too and write historical fiction kids. I especially like the pictures.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Dorothy. Pictures make such a difference don’t they! I love sharing the ones I have from the 1800s with everyone!

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