Can ‘Casablanca’ Make Me Buy a Blu-Ray Player?

April 3, 2012

So the 70th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo of the movie “Casablanca” came out last week. In honor of that, I decided to post a few of the old movie posters of this classic.

The first time I became aware of this film was when I was eight or nine. On a Saturday afternoon, my father sat watching “Casablanca” on television. As I walked through the family room, there must have been a love scene on or something, because I started pretending to play the violin. My father took umbrage and told me to hush because it was a good movie. Then I was told to sit down and watch. So I did. And I don’t remember a single thing about the movie except that I watched it with my dad.

Fast forward about 25 years. I love old movies. I always have. So I have no idea why I hadn’t already seen “Casablanca” when I became an adult. Maybe I hesitated because it wasn’t a musical. I don’t know. But I finally sat down and watched it one evening. I was riveted to the screen. When it was over, I remember saying aloud with some bemusement, “That was a good movie.”

The well-drawn characters. The suspense. The romance. The bittersweet ending, which paradoxically was emotionally satisfying. “Casablanca” won three Academy Awards in 1943 including the one for Best Picture. There’s a reason why. Check it out for yourself if you haven’t already.

I only own the film on VHS. I’d like a new copy, but do I have to buy a Blu-ray player?

The fabulous Claude Rains as Capt. Louis Renault with Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine.