Idea Box

While Emilie, Tricia and I have plenty of topics up our sleeves that we plan to talk about, we always welcome suggestions. If there’s something you’d really love to hear more on, leave a comment! We’ll make sure to cover the topic for you.

And authors!  If you’d like to do an interview with us, please let us know.  We’d love to read your book, post a review and do an interview.

Feel free to contact us at: Damsels in Regress


2 Responses to Idea Box

  1. Danielle Hinesly says:

    How much jargon, dialect, time-period phrasing works in historical novels? If I put too much in, the present, modern reader may not understand or may get tired of reading? If I don’t put enough in, then there’s not the authenticity or magic of another era. I’d love some more discussion on this topic.

  2. The Damsels says:

    Danielle that’s an excellent discussion question. We will definitely blog about! Thanks so much for the suggestion. Jennifer

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