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What is Historical Fiction
Historical Characters aren’t Psychic
Don’t Mind the Gap
Keeping up-to- and out-of -Date
How Historical is “Historical”?
What dost thou say?

Historical Fantasy
What is Historical Fantasy

Time Travel
General Posts
What is Time Travel
Time Travel: Beginnings!
How Does Your Time Move?

Exploring the Different Types of Time Travel (on going)
Type 1: “Walk in my Shoes”
Type 2: Save Someone


General Articles
What a Character
Audio Books
Survey Says…
To Write or to Research…
Video Fun
Scurvy and Scuttlebutt
Everyone has a History to Tell
The Darndest Things
Old Yankee Stadium
I can’t wait to see – Part 1
I can’t wait to see – Part 2
I can’t wait to see – Part 3
From Venice, With Love
Three Sites to Help You Research
A Soldier Returns Home
Dear America
What I Really Did See
The Dark Side of History
Trip Around the World: North America
Trip Around the World: Greece
Trip Around the World: Australia
Something to Strive For
Come along and follow me…
NESCBWI Annual Conference 2011
Flashing Lights and Punch Cards
Finishing the first draft
Picture It: America 2011
Historical Brattonsville
A Title by Any Other Name
The Other Side of the Story
The Official End of Summer
Just hit me over the head with a book!
Free Association Exercise
Army Football
Europe is Old
Newbery Loves History Again
A Title by Any Other Name…
Summer Road Trip
Creating History, Making Memories


Book Reviews
Chains (Historical)
The Lacemaker and the Princess (Historical)
What I Saw and How I Lied (Historical)
Climbing the Stairs (Historical)
Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure – Book 1 (Time Travel)
Humming of Numbers (Historical Fantasy)
Ten Cents a Dance (Historical)
The Devil’s Arithmetic (Time Travel)
Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water (Historical)
Betraying Season (Historical Romance/Fantasy)
Rotaida and the Runestone (Historical)
Royal Spy (Historical)
The Book of Time (Time Travel)
The Halloween Tree (Time Travel)
The Other Half of Life (Historical)
Here, There Be Dragons (Fantasy Adventure)
Hidden Voices (Historical)
Hellie Jondoe (Historical)
Airman (Alternate History)
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (Historical)
A Conspiracy of Kings (Adventure/Alternate History)
Rodzina (Historical)
Matilda Bone (Historical)
The Loud Silence of Francine Green (Historical)
Alchemy and Meggy Swann (Historical)
The Clearing (Time Travel)
The King’s Rose (Historical)
Ransome’s Honor (Historical)
Ransome’s Crossing (Historical)
Primavera (Historical)
Hattie Big Sky (Historical)
A Time of Courage (Historical – Dear America)
A Coal Miner’s Bride (Historical – Dear America)
Hear My Sorrow (Historical – Dear America)
The Fences Between Us (Historical – Dear America)
A Difficult Boy (Historical)
Little Blog on the Prairie (Contemporary)
The Demon King (Fantasy)
The Time Thief (Time Travel)
Prisoners in the Palace (Historical)
The Year We Were Famous (Historical)
Daughter of Xanadu (Historical)
Many Genres, One Craft (Nonfiction)
The Friendship Doll (Historical)
Daughter of Winter (Historical)
Young Digger (Historical)
The Faerie Ring (Historical Fantasy)
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos (Historical Fantasy)
Cleopatra Confesses (Historical)
Phantoms in the Snow (Historical)
Magic Below the Stairs (Historical Fantasy)
Hearts in Flight (Historical)
Faithful (Historical)


Author Interviews
Padma Venkatraman
Craig Venezia
Joni Sensel
Lynn Salsi
Marjorie Watkins
Suzanna Leigh
Kim Ablon Whitney
Pat Lowery Collins
Randall Platt
Jacqueline Kelly
Megan Whalen Turner
Karen Cushman
Heather Davis
Alisa M. Libby
Kaye Dacus
Mary Jane Beaufrand
Kirby Larson
M.P. Barker
Cathleen Davitt Bell
Michaela MacColl
Carole Estby Dagg
Dori Jones Yang
Partice Lyle
C. Coco De Young
Anthony Hill
Caroline Stevermer
Kathleen Benner Duble
Janet Fox
Kiki Hamiltion
Carolyn Meyer


Guest Bloggers
Damsels in Regress and Distress


Historic Time Pieces
Are you a slave to fashion?
Do you want to ford the river or caulk the wagon and float across?

WWII Historic Time Pieces
Life at Sea
The Greatest Generation
Guest of War
Internees of War

1800s New England Historic Time Pieces
1830s New England Fourth of July Celebration
Please Pass the Smoked Ham and Preserved Parsnips
More than just a Store
Apples Apples Apples
School’s in Session (Part 1)
School’s in Session (Part 2)
School’s in Session (Part 3)
The Hard Work of Cleanliness
Dinner in a Country Village
Ice Cream a la 1800s
New England in the Fall
The Apple Orchard
The Gristmill
Cooking Advice
Banking in 1830s New England
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Historical Eye Candy: Fire Trucks

Victorian Historic Time Pieces
Dear Diary…
Vintage Christmas Cards
Victorian Surprises

Clothing Miniseries
From Sheep to Finished Dress
Men: From Shoulder to Ankle (1800-1849)
Women and Children: From Shoulder to Ankle (1800-1849)
Men: From Shoulder to Ankle (1850-1899)
Women: From Shoulder to Ankle (1850-1899)
From Head to Toe: Hats and Shoes
Hats (Continuation of “From Head to Toe”)
From Shoulder to Toe: Undergarments (Women)
From Shoulder to Toe: Undergarments (Men)


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